5/31/2013 Extended Clean Edit – Intercept and Escape from El Reno, OK Tornado

This is the Extended Edit and Clean Audio stock footage catalog from the historic El Reno, OK Tornado. Video starts out along Interstate 40 and as the tornado was moving towards the area. The videographers approach the tornado near the El Reno Airport as it became rain wrapped and they found they were too close. Footage continues as they drive towards the Interstate on South Country Club Road and head east on Interstate 40.

At 13;02;09 the footage was shot along Interstate 40 looking southwest as the tornado crossed over highway 81 and toward Radio Road and Reuter where debris can be seen being thrown into the air before the camera crew continues to escape to the east to avoid being hit by the mulitvortex tornado.

Extended edit includes the scene after the massive tornado hits just to their southwest where the tornado turned deadly. As they try to escape from the tornado again, a billboard is ripped apart right in front of them. As debris covers the roadway, extreme high winds slam into the car making it impossible to see out the front windshield as they try to drive east and out of the tornadoes path.

Catalog ID: 05312013_JB2
Total Run Time: 21;00;05
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