10/4/2013 Macy, NE Damaging Tornado

A powerful Fall system sweeps across the northern Plains with severe weather, including damaging tornadoes. Several tornadoes touched down in northeast Nebraska Friday evening.

Video package opens with shot of a tornado shredding trees near the town of Macy, approximately 25 miles south of Sioux City, IA. The tornado crossed US-75 at Macy tearing apart trees and doing minor damage to outbuildings. Most of the houses were undamaged in the tornado.

Scene 1: Opens with dramatic shot of tree debris, then pans to various zooms and pans of tornado as it tears through trees in Macy and crossed US-75 within 1/4 mile of videographer.

Scene 2: Shot of tornado east of US-75/Macy as it sporadically touches down in the open country near the Missouri River.

Scene 3: Torndao lofts high contrast dirt into the air east of US-75.

Scene 4: Shot of bowl funnel and dirt east of US-75.

Scene 5: Early stage of tornado as it developed west of Macy and tore up trees.