9/24/2013 Sarasota, FL Heavy Rain Footage

Relentless heavy rain is flooding roads through out Sarasota County. Roads are being closed. HD video from Sarasota and

Siesta Key. TRT 3:45

1) Road underwater sign.
2) Road underwater sign with vehicle driving through water behind.
3) Low angle shot of traffic in flooding road splashing camera.
4) Tracking shot of red pickup driving in flooding road.
5) Numerous vehicles driving in flooding road.
6) White pickup driving in flooded road.
7) Heavy commercial truck driving in flooded road.
8) Road closed sign.
9) Traffic turning away from barricaded flood area of road.
10) Submerged left turn arrow.
11,12) Two shots of people riding bikes in flooded road.
13,14) Two dashcam shots of road flooding on Siesta Key.
15) Flooding around beach cottage.
16) Dashcam shot of heavy rain and traffic on US-41 in city of Sarasota.
17,18) Two shots of traffic splashing cam on US-41 in city of Sarasota.