9/21/2013 Southern Illinois Fall Festival Footage

A Fall-ushering cold front swept through the region on Friday bringing long overdue rains to the area and knocking temperatures down to more Fall-like values for the last day of summer. Many areas received over an inch of rain on Friday, but skies cleared overnight and left behind perfect weather for many of the area festivals going on across the region. Sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70s greeted festival-goers who enjoyed good food, parades, and music.

Video package is a two-parter, covering two of the Saturday festivals in southern IL. TRT is 4:58, see description below for festival locations and information.

PART 1 – Shrimp Festival in Golconda, IL (0:00-2:57)

The 13th Annual Shrimp Festival occurs every year in Golconda along the Ohio River. It began in 2001 to help promote Southern Illinois Prawn Growers and has been growing every year since. Along with the fantastic foods, goers can take a buggy ride or fly aboard a Black Diamond Aviation Helicopter. This was also the second year that a Corn Hole Contest was run.

Scene 1: Wide shot of festival.

Scene 2: Shot of festival tents in front of downtown building.

Scene 3: Shot of stage with Cotton Patch Express playing.

Scene 4: People standing in line for shrimp foods.

Scene 5-9: Various shots of people eating food.

Scene 10: Panned shot of people standing in line for food.

Scene 11: Festival goer holding bowl of gumbo.

Scene 12-16: Various shots of shrimp and other festival food.

Scene 17-18: Shots of the second annual Corn Hole contest.

Scene 19: Shot of bean bag getting into the corn hole.

Scene 20: Long shot of the helicopter flying over the Ohio River and landing.

PART 2 – Wonder Water Reunion in Creal Springs, IL (2:58-4:58)

The Wonder Water Reunion has been held for more than six decades in Creal Springs, Illinois. The Wonder Water name comes from the bathhouses that were once in Creal Springs. The wells were believed to be therapeutic, curing ailments from stomach and back problems to arthritis. The parade is the main event on Saturday, the festival's final day, which runs through the center of town and gives kids a chance to feast on pre-Halloween candy.

Scene 21: Shot of main street in town with parade starting.

Scene 22: One of the festival queens tossing candy to the kiddies.

Scene 23-24: Shots the local favorites, Williamson County Motor Patrol.

Scene 25: The K-2 Crab Orchard Shakers waving from the top of a fire truck.

Scene 26: Another festival Queen tossing candy to kids.

Scene 27: Panning out from the crowd as kids collect candy.

Scene 28: Shot of a kid collecting a piece of candy and putting it in a bag.

Scene 29: Kids collect candy and add to their big piles.

Scene 30: Close up of candy piles.

Scene 31: Shot of horse riders in the parade.

Scene 32: Shot of parade with onlookers.

Scene 33: Two ladies waving as they drive away in the parade.