9/19/2013 Wichita Kansas, Strong Storms

***Strong storms brought heavy rain and strong winds to Wichita, Kansas during evening rush-hour traffic.***

TRT- – 1:30

Shot List

1) A shelf cloud looms over downtown Wichita with heavy rain right behind it.

2) Tree limbs that were downed in the storm by strong winds.

3) Traffic driving through minor street flooding in Wichita.

4) Heavy rain falling (B-roll shot).

5) Minor street flooding and traffic.

6) Traffic entering highway 54 (Kellogg) from interstate 135 with rain.

7) Traffic in moderate rain on highway 54 at interstate 135.

8) A long shot of traffic slowed in west Wichita along highway 54 (Kellogg) due to strong winds and heavy rain.

9) Traffic on highway 54 (Kellogg) with a cloud-to-ground lightning strike.