9/19/2013 St Joseph, MO Rain

A cold front moving through the midwest brought cooler temperatures, gusty winds, heavy rains, and dangerous lightning to the northwest Missouri region.Video package includes scenes shot in St. Joseph, MO.
1.)POV shot driving towards the storms shelf cloud on I29 north.
2-4.)Storm arrives and rains on wind blown flag.
5-9.)several scenes of the storm picking up dust in the strong winds along 229 and 36why in St. Joseph, during rush hour.
10.)overview of St. Joseph as the storm approaches.
11-12.) People take shelter under awnings at the local gas stations.
13.) POV shot diving through the heavy rains at 169hwy and I29.
14.)Streets quickly started flooding with water from the heavy rains.  
15-17.)cars make their way through the heavy rains in St. Joseph, MO
18.)  A vivid lightning bolt strikes down along I29 in St. Joseph, MO
19-20.)Panning/follow view of cars traveling down I29 in the heavy rains.