9/19/2013 Minneapolis, MN Morning Thunderstorm Rain

Thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rain impacted the the northern parts of the Twin Cities metro area this morning. Footage shot in the heart of downtown Minneapolis as the southern part of the line of storms moved through the metro area.

Clip 1  POV shot as while driving on Interstate 494 on the west side of town as the line of storms moved in.

Clip 2 Skyline shot of the city in the rain

Clip 3 Two women walking in heavy rain with an Umbrella

Clip 4 A couple walking in the rain along Nicollet Mall. Pull back and pan shot.

Clip 5 Women walking towards the camera with an umbrella

Clip 6 People walking in the rain on Nicollet Mall in downtown Minneapolis

Clip 7 Man walking with an umbrella

Clip 8 Two women in the rain waiting to cross the street under an Umbrella

Clip 9 People walking in the rain

Clip 10 Women on a bike waiting for the light to change in the rain

Clip 11 People in the rain with some farmers market booths

Clip 12 Farmers market merchant wearing garbage bags as a rain coat

Clip 13 – 15 Someone walking under an umbrella

Clip 16 Traffic in the rain

Clip 17 Someone walking in the rain under an umbrella