6/29/2013 Siesta Key, FL Rough Waters Sink Boat

High surf and rip tide conditions claim a 22 foot open bow boat on Siesta Key Beach, Sarasota FL.

A wave came over the bow and swamped and disabled the boat. The passengers escaped and made it to shore unharmed but the boat ran aground on Siesta Beach where it got pounded by waves from the strong SW wind. Ominious rain clouds and gusty SW winds prevailed as beach goes tried to get some beach time in before the expected heavy rains arrive.
HD video. Run time 3:28.

Shot List:

1) A 22 foot open bow boat that took a wave over the bow became swampped and disabled.
It ran aground on Siesta Beach before SeaTow could secure it.

2) Boat around with person still on it as it gets pounded by the surf from the fresh SW onshore wind.

3) Guy on boat at stern as boat gets pounded by waves. He was trying to get important belonging off the boat.

4) Guy finally jumps off boat as his friend watches him from the water.

5,6,7) Sunk boat getting pounded by surf, various angles.

8) Life jacket snagged on bow anchor in surf.

9) Wide shot of people watching from beach.

10) People swimming in heavy surf despite the rip tide warnings and red flags.

11) Green life guard shack and beach umbrella in fresh sw breeze with dark skies over Gulf of Mexico.

12) Tight shot of life guard looking out over people in water.

13) Ominous dark clouds over gulf.

14) Ominous dark cloud hangs over beach with rain.

15) People leaving the beach as the rain started to pick up.

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