6/29/2013 Christopher, IL Storm Damage

A surprise round of storms rolled through southern IL bringing many reports of small hail, heavy rain, and damaging winds.These storms caught many people unaware as the Weather Service never issued warnings for them as they moved through the region eve as they caused significant tree damage to several areas, mostly in the town of Christopher. No one was injured in the storms.

Again, these storms were unwarned across southern IL, but caused damage.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots of Christopher, IL water tower panned down to tree damage at the base, including a large branch hanging in the power lines.

Scene 3-4: Wide shot of people in front of large downed tree blocking driveway.

Scene 5: Panning up down tree to pair of guys chainsawing the tree.

Scene 6: Shot of people chainsawing tree.

Scene 7: Shot of guy in the down tree chainsawing.

Scene 8: Guy chainsawing.

Scene 9: Large branch on trailer.

Scene 10: Another angle of limb on trailer.

Scene 11: Panned shot from tree to large limb in front yard.

Scene 12: Shot of large limb and down trash can in yard.

Scene 13: Panned shot from limb over to a larger limb fallen near a carport.

Scene 14: Shot of large branch hanging from power line.

Scene 15: Panned shot of large broken limb.

Scene 16: Large tree laying in a yard.

Scene 17: Panned shot across main road (IL-14) in town of several large limbs scattered in the properties along the road.

Scene 18: Shot of large limb and branch down.

Scene 19: Shot of multiple large limbs in yard.

Scene 19: Panned shot from a rabbit up to a large downed tree.


Scene 20: POV during height of storm with reported winds near 60mph.

Scene 21: Shot of heavy wind/rain.

Scene 22: Small hail bouncing in grass near parking lot.

Scene 23: Small hail and rain in parking lot.

Scene 24: Wide shot of approaching storm clouds.

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