6/21/2013 Severe storms hit central Minnesota this evening.

Another round of severe storms rocked central Minnesota as severe storms hit the area this evening.  

Footage shot in several different locations as the storms moved over the areas.

Clip 01 Extreme close up lightning south of the Twin Cities area.  Lightning strikes within 50 feet of the camera.

Clips 2-5 Additional POV lightning shots with heavy rain and wind.

Clip 6 Shot in the Plymouth, MN area as the storms moved into the metro area.  

Clip 7 & 8 Winds gusting up to 50 miles per hour and blinding rains made it impossible to drive.  Footage shot on highway 101 and Bass Lake Road.

Clip 9 Power was out on Highway 55 in Plymouth, MN (west of Minneapolis) and the signals were dark.   

Clip 10 Heavy rain caused the water to fall like a water fall in downtown Minneapolis on Interstate 94.

Clip 11 & 12  Intense lightning fills the sky as the storms moved off the east.