6/21/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Storm Damage

The latest round of severe weather hit central Minnesota hard early this morning with high winds gusting in excess of 65 miles per hour. 

This footage was of some of the aftermath of the straight line winds in the Saint Cloud, MN area.  

Clip 1 Pull back shot starts out with a Robin sitting on debris that might have been his home.  Shot pulls back to show a massive tree that was knocked over from the high winds.

Clip 2 Pull back shot of a large tree down on a fence

Clip 3 Wider shot of tree on fence

Clip 4 Tree down in the background. Power lines and power meter box broken off the pole with traffic driving by.

Clip 5 Top of a power pole laying in the street

Clip 6 Tree down in the center of the road with traffic driving past it in both directions.

Clip 7 Storm damage to a home with a tree down.

Clip 8 – 12 Tree down on a vehicle

Clip 13 Tree down in the road

Clip 14 – 15 Tree on top of a vehicle

Clip 16 Tree down in someones front yard

Clip 17 – 19 Trees down in Barden Park on on the Saint Cloud State University (SCSU) campus.

Clip 20 Tree down on a VW in someones driveway

Clip 21 Tree blocking the whole road.

Clip 22 – 23 More trees down.

To license this footage for broadcast, contact http://www.StormChasingVideo.com