4/17/2013 Road Flooding in Saline, County Missouri

Wednesday, April 17, 2013 has ended up being a soaker of a day for Missouri.

Multiple flood watches and warning have been being issued throughout the day.  On Highway 127 about 8/9 miles north of Sweet Springs at the intersection of CR320 Salt Pond Creek had almost crested the bridge but had flown north over the road into someones yard.  The flooding covered roughly about 100 yards give or take 10 yards.  There were cars that had stopped and observed whether they were going to drive through the water.  I did walk up to it and you could tell that there was a deep area.  The Creek, was at bridge level and water was rushing, or trying to rush under it.  There were a few waves that were witnessed.  One of the storms produced heavy rain on Interstate 70 just east of Condordia, Missouri.  Than, earlier in the day Kansas City experienced dense fog in the Midtown and Country Club Plaza area.  Visibility at one point was roughly about a mile or two.  The dense fog was followed by a down pour of rain with a gentleman prepared with his umbrella.  Later in the day…the cloud level was so low that you could not see the top of any of the buildings in Downtown Kansas City.