4/17/2013 Lawton, OK Tornadic Storm

An outbreak of severe weather pounded Oklahoma on Wednesday with tornadoes, very large hail, winds, and rain.Many supercells forming across southwest Oklahoma trained over the same areas, with storms moving up along I-44 from Lawton and multiple rounds of storms hammering the region.

Video package shot in and around Lawton and details how close it came to being hit by a tornado as well as missile-like hail and some tree damage.

TRT – 3:05

Scene 1 – Ragged clouds with Lawton water town.

Scene 2 – Shot of a very ominous clouds over Lawton.

Scene 3 – Rotating wall cloud

Scene 4 – Gathering wall cloud

Scene 5 – Billboard advertisement thing flying overhead in strong winds.

Scene 6 – Pan from 2.25" hail up to wall cloud over town.

Scene 7 – Gathering wall cloud over town.

Scene 8 – Hail up to tennis-ball sized slamming ground like a missile.

Scene 9-12 – More large hail slamming the ground in high winds.

Scene 13, 14 – More ragged clouds/wall cloud over town.

Scene 15 – Wide of storm approaching Lawton.

Scene 16-18 – Tree down over road on west side of Lawton with emergency crews blocking the road.