3/24/2013 Indianapolis, IN Major Winter Storm B-Roll

The major winter storm which has wrecked havoc from Colorado across the plains has now moved into the Midwest where it is hammering Indianapolis with snow rates up to 2-inches per hour. Snow in Indianapolis began around 4:30pm Sunday and started briefly as a sleet/snow mix before turning over to all snow and coming down at such fast rates that road crews could barely keep up with clearing the snow from major routes. Up to 5-inches of snow fell in parts of Indianapolis within the first 2-3 hours of the storm's onset. Visibility dropped to less than 1/4 mile at times as depicted in the video.

First part of video package opens with POV shot following a snowplow beneath a I-DOT sign stating the ongoing winter storm. Follows with shots of a police car on the side of I-465 with very heavy snow falling. Mix of POV and tripoded shots of vehicles on the side of the road having issues in the very heavy snow. More shots of plows followed by various driving and traffic shots showing the very limited visibility in the heavy snow and fog. First part closes with shot of snow falling against trees.

Second part taken from Indianapolis International Airport as the storm got going around 5:00pm. Establishing shots of control tower from various angles followed by shot of vehicles at the unloading zone at the front of the airport. Several shot of planes being de-iced in the snow and fog. Couple shots of the information signs showing various delays (in red) and cancellations of flights due to the weather. Few shots of people waiting around at the airport with a final shot of a man looking at the information board.

TRT – 5:46 and includes footage from area highways as well as Indianapolis International Airport.

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