3/23/2013 Kansas City, MO Winter Storm On The Plaza

Kansas City, Missouri experienced its first bout with this new winter storm on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

The Country Club Plaza received around an inch of snow which came down moderately off and on. Starting around 10pm the snow picked up and started accumulating on the roads and sidewalks. Four guys were walking to to one of the bars, O'Dowds Little Dublin on the Plaza. Once they arrived they had to stand in line in order to have their ID's looked at to enter. With the snow fall which is a heavy wet snow there are also people scrapping off their windshields so that they can get on the road. At the same time around 10p/1030p people were walking on the Plaza. The Country Club Plaza has a private company that they use for snow removal and they are out in full force. Cleaning snow off the roads, salting the sidewalks and standing around waiting for the next round of snow.