2/21/2013 Wichita, KS Overnight Heavy Snow

Heavy, wet snow fell overnight in Wichita, Kansas burying roads to nearly impassible conditions.

The Wichita area has seen between 10-12" of snow so far with this storm.

TRT – 2:36

1) A man filling up a gas can in the heavy snow.

2) A guy trying to sweep away the snow from around his tires after his car gets stuck in the deep snow.

3) A car trying to get unstuck from heavy snow.

4,5) A bobcat in the process of clearing snow from a parking lot.

6) POV shot of driving conditions in the heavy, deep snow.

7,8) Shots of large snowflakes falling against lights.

9) A snowplow out on the roads trying to clean things up a bit.

10) A car, which had slid off of an interstate ramp when exiting 135.

11, 12) Shots of heavy snow falling.

13) Driving in deep snow on the roads with heavy snow falling.

14) A shot of a passing snow plow.

15) Driving shot of falling snow and poor road conditions.

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