2/20/2013 Denver and Golden, Colo – Hazardous Travel Footage

A monster winter storm is plaguing the U.S. with snow from Arizona into the Heartland. Colorado is the middle ground for this storm with several inches falling very quickly during the evening rush.

Snow continued well into the evening before tapering off and continuing its march into Kansas and Nebraska.

Video package is one file with two parts, starting with nighttime footage in the high country near Golden, Colorado and ending with daytime footage in Denver as the storm began.

Nighttime Footage – Golden, Colorado (0:00-2:30)

Opens with three tripoded POV shots of a Jeep vehicle nearly spinning out on US-6 near Golden, CO. First scene, the vehicle spins nearly sideways, but driver saves it. Second two shots showing difficulty with the very slick roads as the Jeep struggles for control. Next series of shots includes scenes of accidents with emergency crews and tow trucks on scene, including one involving a snow plow along I-70 between Golden and Idaho Springs. Next shots following a gaggle of four snow plows clearing the mountain route of I-70 west of Golden. Several other shots follow of plows clearing various routes along I-70 in the High Country. Last night shots of semi trucks chaining up along I-70 at the base of the foothills.

Daytime Footage – Denver, Colorado (2:30-3:39)

Footage shot late afternoon as the snow began to fall heavy in Denver. Various shots of traffic in the very low visibility heavy snows.