2/20/2013 Wichita, KS Snow Storm

Video packages shows traffic and traffic accidents around Wichita, Kansas late this morning due to moderate snow. Wichita has seen 3-4" of snow, with more on the way.

TRT – 2:53

1) An SUV, that had slid sideways onto the shoulder of highway 54, is able to get back down the road.

2) A car stuck in the ditch after sliding off of interstate 135.

3) Vehicle accident scene along Kellogg (highway 54) in Wichita.

4) A truck that had been involved in a minor fender-bender.

5) Damaged truck with firetruck.

6) KDOT truck exiting the highway.

7,8) Traffic shots in downtown Wichita along Kellogg (highway 54).

9) KDOT truck entering the highway.

10) Traffic shot.

11) Traffic along the highway that is backed up due to an accident ahead.

12) A car covered in snow and the owner left the window partially down.

13) Whiteout conditions for traffic in Wichita.

14) Wichita police along the highway.

15) Traffic along Wichita's main streets.

16,17) A man who is riding his bike in the snowstorm.

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