2/14/2013 Denver, CO Valentine Snow and Wind

The weather was not a sweetheart deal in Denver, Colorado today.

Valentine's Day didn't offer much warmth across the Front Range as the day started with a frigid wind and gave way to snow which came down extremely heavy at times accumulating several inches in places. Several accidents were caused due to slippery conditions and limited visibility due to the heavy snow out-pacing the melting on the roads.

TRT – 4:00

Video opens up with wide shot of I-70 in west Denver with heavy snow limiting visibility. Next is a POV shot moving along I-70 with snow covering the roads and very slow traffic.

Next series of shots of an accident near the Denver West area along I-70. Shot of a tow truck barely visible in the extremely heavy falling snow. Several shots of the minor accident with police on scene.

Next series of shots taken in west Denver of an accident on one of the side streets. First shot as a fire truck with lights and sirens pulls onto the scene in the snow. Various shots of the accident scene where a car had slide into the curb after rear-ending another vehicle.

After accident clips, a couple more POV shots driving in the heavy snow. Then various shots of cars and people in the snow. Included is a man carrying a Valentine's Day balloon in the falling snow (2:37-2:56).

Last four clips are of the wind earlier in the day as the snow was just beginning. Shots of traffic lights blowing in the wind as well as snow blowing across roadways.