1/26/2013 Timelapse drive across frozen Mille Lacs Lake in Minnesota.

Footage shot on 1/26/2013 after an extended period of sub zero temperature made it possible to drive across Mille Lacs Lake, in central Minnesota.

The ice was about 20 to 22 inches thick but there was several pressure ridges in the middle of the lake that made it dangerous to cross the whole length of the lake once you were away from where the resort owners have tested the ice.

The distance traveled from one side of the lake to the other is 15 miles.

The time lapse footage is 4000 times the normal speed and makes the half hour trip only take about 90 seconds. The drive was from Liberty Beach on the east side of the lake to Twin Pines Resort on the west side.

Footage shot by StormChasingVideo.com

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