10/19/2012 Denver, CO Fall Foliage B-Roll

Unseasonably warm, almost Spring-Like weather has been well in place across the Colorado Front Range with temperatures a good 10-15 degrees above average on Friday (Den official high at 74 for Friday). The warm temperatures, which have been around most of the week, have prolonged the Fall Color Season across the region with many areas along the Front Range still experiences brilliant fall color.

Video package shot in west Denver at Union Square Park. Includes various shots of fall colors. Opens with establishing shots of golden trees with the Hogback in the background and a fountain in the pond in the foreground. Following shots wide-angle of tall trees with the golden leaves. Several more shots of up-close leaves and color filling entire frame. Video ends with several wide shots of golden and fiery trees.

Videographer Choice – Scene 7 (00:57-1:06), shot with low-angle sun bleeding through golden trees as leaves gently fall in front of the camera in the gentle breeze.

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