7/14/2011 Denver Colorado Lightning Fire and Storms

For the NINTH (9th) day in a row, severe weather impacts Colorado and again takes aim on the Denver Metro Area leaving more hail and flooding. Early afternoon on Thursday, July 14, over an inch of rain fell across the southern portions of the Denver area in less than 1-hour. A few weather sites in Denver have recorded over 10-inches of rain since the monsoon storms began last Wednesday.

Two parts to video package.

First part includes footage of a fire to the Aspen Academy School caused by a lightning strike to the roof. Video includes close-up shots of flames coming out of the roof as well as various shots of fire fighters working in the rain to put out the fire. Several roads around the campus were closed cause of the scene. Founded in 2005, Aspen Academy is a private early childhood education through 8th grade preparatory school located at University and Orchard in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

Second part includes in-storm footage opening with POV lightning strike and continues with various shots of street flooding across southern Denver. Shots taken along University Blvd between County Line Road and Hampden Avenue. Includes traffic driving through high waters.