7/13/2011 Denver Colorado Hail Storm

Severe storms again rake Colorado for the 8th day in a row bring hail, high winds, lightning, the whole shebang, to the state.

The first part of the video package shot by BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach includes footage from a severe storm about 30 miles east of Colorado Springs. Various shots of structure and wall cloud along with scud tags as the storm moves immediately north of Simla, Colorado on US-24. Shots of hail up to 1-inch in diameter falling on the ground, road, and on cows.

The second part of the video includes footage from severe hailstorm/street flooding in Denver, Colorado as a rapidly developing severe thunderstorm dropped 1.50" hail over parts of downtown Denver just after the rush hour catching people by surprise. The second part opens up with structure shot of the storm as it approaches downtown Denver. Various shots of hail falling in Downtown Denver, CO on cars and in the grass. Several shots of people outside in the hail waiting for buses. Hail part ends with hail covering the ground, and measured to 1.50" with ruler and compared to golf-ball.

Video transitions to street flooding in downtown with vehicles and bikers trying to get through the cold hail filled flood waters.