5/20/2011 Pratt, KS Severe Storms

While the severe storm threat wasn’t particularly high, BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was able to catch a few storms that were able to develop in southern Kansas including a isolated supercell that moved across Pratt, Kansas early to mid evening on Friday.

In the video that Tony shot it includes Point Of View shots out the car windshield as chasers approach a wall cloud on under a thunderstorm. It continues with shots during the storm of hail up to 1.25" falling in the areas just outside of Pratt, KS.

As the storm moved on, minor flooding filled the streets of Pratt, KS. Shots include traffic driving through minor ponding as well as rapidly moving water in ditches where the water goes to the bottom of a bridge. The video ends with as the storm moves east of Pratt near sunset. One a wide shot of the storm’s rain core with occasional lightning flashes and sunlit ragged storm clouds.