5/17/2011 Eastern, CO Landspout Tornado and Hail

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach caught the severe storms that moved across eastern Colorado bringing hail, high winds, and land-spouts tornadoes.

Land-spouts are weaker tornadoes that are formed when strong updrafts pull up converging surface air and twist it. Signs of a land-spout are swirling dust on the ground. A funnel will often form in the cloud base beneath this feature when the circulation from the ground gets pulled to the cloud.

Video package runs approximately 3:20 and is divided into two parts..


Video package opens up with a well defined land-spout tornado in the fields south of Anton, Colorado. Video shot from U.S. 36 looking south from near Anton. Various shots of the ground swirl and shots of the funnel cloud. Part 1 ends with scenic shot of chase vehicle under turbulent skies.


Video shots include hailstorm in Vona, Colorado which is 28 miles west of Burlington, Colorado. Video opens up with hail up to 1.25" in diameter coming down on a road north of town. POV shots as hailstorm increases in intensity and covers the ground with several inches of hail. Shot looking down on I-70 from Vona exit overpass and shots of cars taking shelter in the over pass. Various other shots of hail falling on the ground.