12/30/2010 Fergus Falls, MN Blizzard

With Minnesota being hit with a record number of Tornadoes and now back to back winter storms and blizzards, it is starting to feel a little like a weather war zone.   So to joke around with that theme, I got in to the forbidden zone on Interstate 94 before the roads were closed, documented the storms and got out before I was trapped in the forbidden zone.

But seriously now a powerful winter storm system is hitting West Central and Northern Minnesota last night with a blizzard on Thursday evening  and continuing into New Years Eve.

This storm system has shut down Interstate 94 in both directions from Jamestown, ND through Fargo, ND and Moorhead, MN to Alexandria, MN which is just about 195 miles of Interstate Freeway. 

The roads were brutal as the MNDot plows were pulled off the roads in this area. The warm weather earlier in the day melted the snow pack and melt combined with rain caused a layer of glare ice on the roads surface on the interstate as well as the highway and side roads around Fergus Falls, MN. As the temperature dropped rapidly, the water froze and then combine in the heavy winds and snow, travel was almost impossible even with four wheel drive.