12/30/2010 Denver, CO Lunch Hour Snow Storm Video

BNVN Weather Paparazzi Tony Laubach was out in the snow today in Denver, CO and shot video of Denver’s first big snow of the season that promises to add well to the meager 1.5" of snow that’s fallen so far for the entire season.

Snow totals of up to a foot are possible over parts of the Denver Metro Area through Friday morning.

Video package shot at the Orchard Town Center outdoor mall on the north side of Denver (Westminster). With an extremely busy post-Christmas week, the snow cleared out crowds entirely as barely anyone came out to the mall. Video opens up with the Christmas tree in the center of the mall and follows with various shots of the few brave souls who came out in the sub-freezing temperatures and even colder wind chills. Various shots of bundles up kids and adults along with traffic shots in the falling snow.