5/22/2010 Bowdle SD Tornadoes Part 2

May 22, 2010 Part two of the video of a violent long track tornado hit the area around Bowdle, South Dakota today which is west of Aberdeen, SD.

In this video from BNVN Weather Paparazzi Scott Weberpal was tracking a large wedge tornado on the ground as it moved over open country. The tornado then went on to hit and destroy a high tension power line.

For more information and to license this footage go to www.StormChasingVideo.com

SID: Scott Weberpal

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05/19/2010 Dumas, TX Night Golf ball Hail

A late night severe thunderstorm exploded just south of Dumas and rolls into town dropping golf ball sized hail in town. Residents and visitors were awakened by the sound of hail crashing on the roof. Video package was shot from Comfort Inn hotel as the storm rolled through. Videographer was awakened and ran outside in bare feet to shoot the end of this storm.

Opening scene of hail slamming and bouncing in grass. Next shot of a car getting hit by falling hail. Another wide shot of hail bouncing on the grass and nearby puddles. Another shot includes hail bouncing off hotel roof. Various aftermath shots of golf ball hail in videographer’s hands as well as the ground dotted with golf ball hailstones. http://www.bnvn.com

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05/18/2010 Dumas TX Tornadoes and Spikey Hail Stones

Description: A prelude to tomorrow’s severe potential unfolded across the Texas Panhandle on Tuesday with several tornadoes touching down, including those included with this video package.

Opens up with funnel and shots of two tornadoes along TX-152 just east of Dumas, Texas. Both tornadoes were brief with the first exhibiting multi-vortex structure. The second was a brief stout cone tornado.

Next shots of very large hail in Moore County. Several shots during the end of the storm where scattered stones over 2 inches in diameter are falling. Hail segment ends with two shots of large, spiky hail in hand.

Finals shots of various stormy clouds across Moore County. http://www.bnvn.com

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