03/23/2010 Denver, CO winter storm Blog

Storm Chaser Tony Laubach sent in one very cool video package in tonight that actually shows how Denver, CO has gone from Summer back to Winter as the city had hail this afternoon and now has heavy snow falling this evening. A very strong storm system promising big snows in Denver over the next 24 hours lead in with thunderstorms across the metro area. A thunderstorm with graupel (very fine, small hail) moves over downtown Denver mid-afternoon on Tuesday accompanied by some claps of thunder. This storm is a sign of good instability with this system and should dump 8-16″ of snow across Denver by this time tomorrow.

Video package includes shots during the height of the thunderstorm with bee-bee sized graupel falling along Speer Blvd. in Denver. Several clips contain audio track of thunder with various traffic shots during the storm. A shot of my arm with the graupel falling on a black sleeve shows the ice close up.

Then the Snow begins during the evening commute with extremely heavy snow falling with a snowy clip looking at the state capital building. Various other shots of traffic driving through heavy snow as well as people around downtown walking through the very heavy snow.

Ends with shots of people clearing snow from their cars.

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