Insane Kirksville, MO tornado video added to the stock video archives.

We are updating the stock video archives with dozens of new catalogs and to launch the new additions this week, we have one of the most insane and we dare say best up close tornado videos every caught on tape.

Our stringer Tornado Tim Baker shot this insane footage of the Kirksville MO Tornado.

Location: Kirksville, MO
Description: One of the best tornado videos of all time where the videographer gets inside of the debris field after trying to outrun the tornado for several miles.

This footage was shot inside the Lakeside Estates area on the north side of the city of Kirksville, MO.

Debris is caught on camera flying past the videographer while in the middle of a residential area as house’s are being torn apart by the violent tornado.

Note: Videographer was trying to out run the tornado and thought the tornado track was moving more towards the northeast when it changed directions and moved almost due east.