Re: U2 and Green Day “The Saints Are Coming” video

This is the high res version of my response video to the piece of $#!t that Chris Milk Produced.

When I saw the U2 video that was produced by Chris Milk, at first I did not think this was the real video. When I saw it was the real video by the band, I thought it sucked pretty bad. It did not tell the story of what happened in New Orleans. It told the dream of what some far left anti war producer wanted you to see, not who f’d up everything and what has been done in New Orleans and to help Music Rising. Music Rising is a good idea but I am afraid that the official video for Saints Are Coming is going to leave donations not coming for Music Rising due to the fact that it is a biased piece of crap of work. It should have showed what happened with the Coast Guard and National Guard along with all the private aide that DID come to help out and not would could happen if we pulled out of Iraq and used bombers to drop aide into the middle of a destroyed city that was under water…

Oh and about the music in my video, it is royality free stuff I bought from Music Bakery so this is one of the few LEGAL music videos on YouTube. And yes, unlike a lot of footage on YOUTUBE, I own the copyright for all of the footage contained in the video. Copyright pirates suck worse then Chris Milk’s work!

Tell the truth about New Orleans, not the anti war political bull to cover up the mistakes of the local government leaders (mayor and Gov.)

Bottom line, Chris Milk, your work sucks and I don’t care how much CGI work you can do, you can’t tell a false story and make it true!

Before you bitch about how they are your favorite band. The U2 Greenday video sucks. The song is cool but the video sucks balls.

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