LaGrange, NY thunder storm time lapse – 8/18/2019

A squall line of severe thunderstorms raked across southern New York State, producing dramatic cloud formations, lightning, winds and blinding rain.
Shot Description
SHOT 1: Timelapse of the storm rolling across the sky in the late afternoon.
SHOT 2: Timelapse of the storm’s gust front, giving a “whale’s mouth” appearance as it glides overhead.
SHOT 3: Panning shot of the storm’s ominous-looking gust front approaching.
SHOT 4: Lightning within the rain core.
SHOT 5 & 6: Heavy rain made visible by lights in town.
SHOT 7: POV driving shot through hills, trees and blinding rain made for treacherous driving!
SHOT 8 & 9: Cars navigating through town during the heavy rains.
SID: David Lewison

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