Paynesville, MN Full Moon and Northern Lights – 9/8/2017

Not only our we dealing with a potential deadly Hurricane heading for Florida, the earth itself is experiencing a severe "Geomagnetic Storm"

On Wednesday a major X9 solar flare erupted off of the sun and the debris form that solar flair started hitting the earths atmosphere on Thursday. Right now a very severe G4-class geomagnetic storm is in progress as the earths magnetic field reverberates from the impact of the debris hitting it.

This video was shot with an almost full moon washing out the nights sky but the Auroras were still visible
Shot Description

Various clips in the auroras with a very bright full moon washing out the sky.

Clip 1 Wide shot of the Auroras on the left and the full moon on the right.

Clips 2- 5 Auroras in the sky with the light from the almost full moon filling the sky making it look like daylight outside at midnight.