Sumter, FL Hurricane Irma Evacuation – 9/7/2017

Video of hundreds of miles of traffic of people leaving hurricane Irma. Shots of lines of people waiting to fill gas tanks with fuel. Sound with a traveler leaving southern Florida.
Shot Description

shot 1 tight traffic evac
shot 2 tight cars in line
shot 3 boat on trailer
shot 4 sign
shot 5 wide of traffic
shot 6 tight traffic
shot 7 telephoto of cars in line
shot 8 family with dogs
shot 9 turnpike backup
shot 10 wide shot of traffic
shot 11 moving shot of traffic
shot 12 wide of gas station
shot 13 traffic lines
shot 14 girl at pump
shot 15 tight of pump
shot 16 follow handle to tank
shot 17 low angle pump
shot 18 wide cars
shot 19 lines
shot 20 intv Robert Randall Fort Meyers