Hollywood, FL Hurricane Irma Prep – 9/8/2017

The day before the storm. Beach and waves, some walking and enjoying the sun, others filling sandbags and prepping. Police directing traffic to speed up the flow of people leaving the city.
Shot Description

shot 1 beach and waves
shot 2 tele of hotels and waves
shot 3 beach ladies
shot 4 low shot waves
shot 5 waves tight
shot 6 filling sandbags
shot7 hauling sandbags
shot 8 same
shot 9 walking on boardwalk
shot 10 filling sandbags
shot 11 low of shovel and filling bag
shot 12 gas pump
shot 13 boards on windows
shot 14 sign no gas
shot 15 bag on pump handle
shot 16 cop directing traffic
shot 17 another cop same
shot 18 traffic leaving
shot 19 beach wide
shot 20 sound Joan Nagar Res. Hollywood Florida prep and panic.