Stormy Weather Dampens South Florida Today

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Cruise ship Carnival Glory docks in heavy rain at Key West as stormy and possibly severe weather sets up to impact Miami-Dade south through Key West in Florida all day and into the evening. Dock crews work in very heavy rain to tie lines as Carnival Glory arrives. Shots of heavy rain around Key West and also looming offshore the Port Miami area in Miami-Dade. No audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Squall approaching Key West Mallory Square.
00:08 Carnival Glory approach dock B at Mallory Square Key West.
00:34 Dock crews in skiff approach bow of ship as heavy rain falls.
00:44 Three shots of dock crews in rain gear working to tying up lines in very heavy rain.
02:16 Wide shot of Carnival Glory docked in heavy rain at Key West.
02:23 Woman with pink umbrella exits ship on gangway in rain at Key West.
02:35 Person in orange rain coat with black umbrella walking Mallory Square in rain.
02:42 Three woman in rain gear pose for photo on a rainy Mallory Square.
03:01 Men in boat racing off storming water back to port.
03:10 Two shots of heavy rain and wind impacting Sunset Key offshore Mallory Square.
03:27 Ominous orange sunrise at Port Miami with cruise ship offshore.
03:35 Storm clouds off South Beach.
03:43 Storm clouds off Port Miami.
03:51 Heavy rain obscures South Beach skyline.
04:00 Three shots of rain shafts near South Beach Miami.
04:24 Storm clouds and heavy rain fall just offshore Port Miami.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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