Insane Tornado Damage Scenes from Winona, Mississippi – Drone

Catastrophic Tornado Damage in Winona, Mississippi located in Montgomery County – Scenes all shot with DJI Drone
Shot Description

00:00 Commercial Building completely destroyed close up and personal
00:40 House with the roof ripped completely off from the EF-4 Tornado
00:57 Mobile Home was completed shredded to pieces and scattered amongst trees in the background
01:12 Railroad tracks in Winona completely covered with downed trees as workers remove
01:24 Sheetmetal peeled back on roof with multiple other buildings demolished from extreme tornado
02:20 Trees completely flattened with home destroyed in the middle of them
02:28 Large shop with doors and wall pushed inside the building
02:38 Low flyover of a house that is demolished with other buildings destroyed
03:12 Trailer crushed by trees
03:18 Two mobile homes leveled on the hillside in Winona, MS
03:36 (3 Clips)Large commercial shop destroyed with the roof caved in
04:01 Home with the roof shredded and the end of the home missing
04:15 Following the devastating long track tornado through Winona, Mississippi where you can see the tornado ended

SID: Michael Gordon
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