Tornado Warned Supercells, Columbus, OH – 2/27/2023

Multiple tornado-warned supercell thunderstorms pass over Columbus, OH causing dangerous conditions, including accidents.

All footage shot in/near Columbus, OH during evening daylight on February 27, 2023 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

00:00 Tornado Sirens blare with tornado warned storm

00:11 large rotating wall cloud over Columbus, OH

00:52 large rotating wall cloud behind farm

01:13 large rotating wall cloud crosses road

01:30 tornado warned storm crosses road

01:58 rotating wall cloud crosses I-70

02:07 truck crashed into wall from supercells crossing highway

02:13 multi vehicle accident during tornado-warned storm

02:24 heavy traffic in Columbus from tornado-warned storms

SID: Simon Brewer
#OHWX #Tornado #stormchasing

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