Insane White Christmas Blizzards Bring Travel Nightmare Scenes – Compilation

Extreme Winds, Dangerously Cold Temperatures, Deep Snow, Heavy Ice and Poor Visibility has hammered the United States during the Christmas Seasons. It has led to extremely dangerous driving conditions causing Interstates to close, stranding vehicles, burying homes, leaving people without power, but giving some a White Christmas they have rarely seen.

This Compilation consists of Insane Weather Scenes dating back to 2009 during the Christmas Holiday Season and on into the New Year. These Winter Snow Scenes were captured in Minnesota, North Dakota, Colorado, Wisconsin, Maine, Vermont, New York, Utah, Connecticut, Oklahoma, Iowa, and Texas.

You will see scenes of Insane Whiteout Conditions, Very Heavy Snowfall, Accidents/Wrecks, Ice Storm Damage, Unbearable Cold Temperatures, Intense Lake Effect Snowstorms and Blizzards which leads to travel nightmares around the Christmas Holiday Season.

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00:00 Insane Whiteout Blizzard Conditions with howling winds
00:22 Visibility down to a few feet with winds upwards of 100mph bringing blizzard conditions
00:38 Truck hooked onto the back of an SUV stuck in the ditch off the road pulling it up on to the road as it slides dangerously across the ice
00:52 Blizzard Warning Street Sign on Interstate with extreme weather conditions
00:59 Massive Pileup involving multiple semis and cars off the interstate
01:12 Car traveling up incline sliding backwards on snow packed roads
01:29 Snow packed and Icy Interstate with plows traveling both directions in whiteout conditions
01:34 Dodge Ram slid off the side of the road and is in the ditch
01:37 Large Front End Loader Snowblower blowing massive amounts of snow off the road
02:01 Semi Jack-Knifed on Interstate in Blizzard Conditions
02:16 Large Tow Truck winching Jack-Knifed Semi up embankment after it slid off the road
02:23 SUV rolled over on its side in the median of the highway
02:27 FedEx Freight Truck pulling Tandem Trailers Jack-Knifed blocking complete roadway in sheet of ice
02:36 SUV slid off the side of the road burying it in deep snow STUCK
02:44 Bystanders help push Chevy Cobalt out of deep snow drift along roadway in blizzard conditions
03:17 Car stuck on side of road as bystanders are trying to push it free in heavy snow
03:27 Multiple Vehicles stuck in median of Interstate along with a Semi that is jack-knifed
03:43 Heavy snow falling as roads are jam packed with Holiday travelers
03:53 Semi stranded off the side of the highway after sliding off the roadway
04:06 Whiteout Conditions cause State Troopers to close Interstate with no visibility
05:00 Street Fleet Courier Service Van slides through intersection on road covered in a sheet of ice
05:06 Car slides off the roadway and into the ditch with officer and tow truck on scene
05:14 Massive Lake Effect amounts of snow piled up on homes and on sides of road
05:40 Car off the roadway in the ditch with multiple Police Officer on scene
05:56 Holiday travelers bearing the weather and out driving in extreme conditions
06:01 Car buried in feet of snow from heavy lake effect snow event
06:06 Truck sliding backwards out of control across intersection into snowbank
06:11 Driving through whiteout conditions with extreme blowing snow
06:28 Santa Christmas decoration waving to everyone in heavy snow
06:36 Semi slid off the roadway and stuck with flashers on
06:46 Tow truck driver winching SUV out of ditch
06:56 Rescuers attempting to retrieve a Four-Wheeler that has fallen through the ice on the lake
07:05 Car wrecked and slid off the road after smashing into guard rail
07:10 Vehicle rolled over in median of highway with police officers on scene
07:15 Heavy Ice storm brings down large metal power poles
07:22 Police car reversing in deep snow trying to not get stuck in rear wheel drive
07:32 Ford Ranger hooks tow strap to front bumper to try and pull car back onto the road on a sheet of ice
07:37 Bystanders trying to push car out of snowbank that is stuck
07:45 SUV rolled over and up on top of guardrail on highway
07:52 Multiple vehicles crash and slam into light poles with extensive damage
07:58 Whiteout conditions on the Interstate near Des Moines, IA
08:23 Tow Truck driver winching plow truck out of the deep snow on the side of the road
08:29 Ice Storm brings down power poles and power lines leaving road closed
09:07 Drivers trying to make there way through a maze of wrecked vehicles
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Video from the SCV Crew over the years.

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