Sam Bankman-Fried Returns To Jail and BitBoy Interviewed About What Happened

Video of Youtuber Ben Armstrong who is known as BitBoy, talking about what is happening with Sam Bankman-Fried, AKA SBF, the Former FTX CEO that was in court today to try to get extradited to the United States and only to be returned to the Fox Hill Prison to await another day in court.
Shot Description

New video of Sam Bankman-Fried (SBF) returning to jail after court today and quick interview with Youtuber Ben Armstrong who goes by the name BitBoy Crypto talking about how he brought a bunch of investors that were defrauded by FTX to Nassau to file criminal paperwork over the weekend. They did this to prevent SBF from being extradited since there is was no criminal case in The Bahamas but now a that a criminal investigation in The Bahamas has been opened, SBF was sent back to the Fox Hill Prison to await further court appearances for his Extradition to the United States.

00:00 – Ben Armstrong talking about the SBF Case.
02:27 – Man talking about Crypto Currency.
02:47 – Raw B-Roll of SBF being taking back to an awaiting Prison Van and the motorcade leaving the courthouse.

SID: Keith Gomez
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