Drone video of the flooding and destruction New Smyrna Beach, FL from Hurricane Nicole -11/10/2022

Aerial / Drone Footage of Hurricane Nicole’s Storm Surge in New Smyrna Beach, FL
Shot Description

00:00 Low flying shot through neighborhood underwater from storm surge
00:10 Aerial shot above The Breakers Restaurant as storm surge battered the ocean wall front
00:20 Beach erosion from Hurricane Nicole storm surge
00:30 (2 Clips) Sunken sail boat completely submerged with only the masts above water
00:39 Fly over as the storm surge floods multiple residential homes
00:46 Orbital shot around a very fancy residential home surrounded by storm surge on all sides
00:55 Looking straight down shot at the beach erosion and damaged structures along the coastline from Hurricane Nicole
01:06 Fly forward over neighborhood completely under water from the Hurricane Nicole’s storm surge
01:19 Aerial still video looking towards the coastline from inland with flooding occurring around multiple residential structures
01:28 Flying down the coastline as storm surge batters sea wall
01:37 (3 Clips) Flying over multiple residential neighborhoods underwater from the storm surge
02:00 Flying away from the beach erosion caused by storm surge
02:10 Flying towards damaged beach and coastline from storm surge
02:18 Flying along coastline as waves batter seawall and damage railing along wall
02:27 Aerial still as the storm surge enters New Smyrna Beach, FL
02:32 (2 Clips) Overhead aerial shots above flooded neighborhoods
02:48 (2 Clips) Flying over vehicles as they are driving through the flooded roadways

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SID: Michael Gordon
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