Wolf Creek Pass Winter Storm, Pagosa Springs, CO – 11/3/2022

Winter Storm Warning for 20-30″ New Snowfall on Highway 160 at Wolf Creek Pass (10,856 feet ASL) Wednesday night into Thursday.

Shot Description

1. Timelapse of clouds on snowy peaks
2. Smoky bear covered in snow
3. Warning signage and snowfall illuminated near one of the tunnels
4. Snowplow working westward on Highway 160
5. Exiting an avalanche/snow shed
6. Trucks stopped at the summit, 10,856 feet
7. Traffic illuminates the snow on dark mountain passes
8. Roadside cliff through snow
9. Trees in the snow
10 Trees in snow
11. Semi driver putting on snow chains
12. Snow falling
13. Slow pan across snow covered vegetation

SID: Terrence Cook
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