Amazing and Intense Late Season Haboob Dust Storm, Stanfield, Arizona – 10/3/2022

Large haboob (dust storm) travels over the desert just 30 miles south of Phoenix, Arizona. This dust storm caused massive delays for evening commuters heading for the south metro as well as for travelers on thee frequently traveled interstate 10 between Tucson and Phoenix.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide Timelapse of haboob with large power lines for scale.
Shot 2: Panning (left to right) medium time lapse of haboob with.
Shot 3: Panning (left to right) tight shot of haboob timelapse.
Shot 4: Medium shot of blowing dust and a bush.
Shot 5: Wide shot of dirt road with lots of blowing dust
Shot 6: Wide shot of more blowing dust
Shot 7: Tight shot of blowing dust and bush
Shot 8: Wide shot of blowing dust moving on a small ridge.

SID: Bryan Snider

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