Key West, FL Road Flooding – 9/12/2022

High tropical moisture fuels slow moving thunderstorm to dump heavy rain in Key West causing road flooding in Key West Florida. Video shows people, car, golf carts, and bicycles in a popular tourist street in Key West Florida: Front Street, Key West. No audio. Remote camera video.
Shot Description

1) Wide shot of Front Street showing tourist, cars, and bicycles in road flooding from heavy thunderstorm rainfall.
2) Red gulf cart pushing through flooded road as woman passenger waves to guy filming her with phone camera.
3) Cars and moped driving in flooded Front Street.
4) Tighter shot of cars driving in flooded road.
5) Wide shot with black jeep driving in water covered road.
6,7,8) Three more shots of cars driving in flood Front Street.
9) Man crossing flooded street.
10) Golf cart and car driving in water towards camera.
11) Cars driving in water away from camera.
12) Guys standing in flooded Front Street barefoot as car splashes by.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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