Hail and Lightning in Severe Thunderstorm, Barron County, WI – 5/18/2022

A severe thunderstorm moved through the central part of Barron County. This severe thunderstorm did produce quarter and golf ball size hail.
Shot Description

Clip 1. The thunderstorm starting to move into the northern part of Barron County. This was north of Haugen, WI. Was able to get a blot of lightning shooting across the frame.
Clip 2. Incoming shelf cloud with lightning.
Clip 3. Shelf cloud getting ready to move overhead.
Clip 4. Downdraft kicking up dust from a freshly plowed field.
Clip 5-7. Lowering cloud base about one mile west of Rice Lake, WI.
Clip 8. Hand held shot of the larger hail.
Clip 9. Hand held shot of quarter size hail, along with a few golf ball size hail falling, and bouncing of the road.
Clip 10. A pan shot of a beautiful rainbow to end the chase.
Clip 11. A close up shot of the left side of the rainbow. No pot of gold to be found.

SID: Dirk Miller
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