Large Hail Damage, Norman, OK – 10/10/2021

A tornadic supercell tracked through Norman, Oklahoma during the evening hours of October 10, 2021. This storm dropped goofball to baseball sized hail across the Norman area causing widespread damage. The following video has clips from one of the car dealerships that was hit in the Norman area.
Shot Description

Shot 1-2: Video of a the large window in the front of the dealership broken from large hail going through it.
Shot 3: Video of the shattered back window of a vehicle in the car dealership lot with the American flag waving in the background.
Shot 4: Video of damage to another large video of the machine shop destroyed by large hail.
Shot 5: Video of downed branches and debris in the road from the winds and hail after the storm moved through.

SID: Hunter Conaway

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