Victor, CO BREATHTAKING Aerials of Fall Colors – 10/2/2021

Winter is coming with aerial views of trees in higher altitudes shedding their leaves and changing color, ushering in changing weather patterns and season near Victor, Colo. on Oct. 3, 2021.
Shot Description

00:00 – Flyover of vibrant trees with ground-scraping clouds over rugged mountains.

00:24 – Higher altitude flyover near highway showing fall leaves and ground-scraping clouds.

00:46 – Upward pan revealing colorful rugged terrain.

01:09 – Sweeping flyover and pan of colorful mountainside.

01:22 – Slow upward pan reveal, and closeup of vibrant fall colors on mountainside.

01:44 – Mid shot, with orbit of treeline with vibrant fall colors and falling leaves.

01:59 – Fast flyover of fall colors uphill, with a reveal of distant mountains.

02:14 – Orbit showing rolling hills and rugged terrain, roads lined with vibrant fall colors.

02:26 – Descending reveal of old mineshaft elevator with fall colors on distant hills.

02:41 – Orbit of top of mineshaft elevator with fall colors in distance.

03:05 – Flyover showing light spilling into valley with vibrant fall colors.

03:32 – Flyover of fall colors with thundery rain shower over distant mountains.

03:40 – Slow pan and ascend, closeup of colorful hillside.

04:25 – Flyover showing fall colors in valley, flying towards Victor, Colo.

05:02 – Vertical ascent over fall-colored trees, panning upward to reveal light spilling over colorful valley.

06:00 – Orbit of barn on hill surrounded by vibrant fall colored trees.

06:11 – Slow flyover showing fall colored hills and mountain sides, shrouded by ground-scraping clouds.

SID: Trevor Cokley
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