Surprise Tropical Storm Mindy Makes Landfall in Franklin County, FL 9/8/2021

Surprise Tropical Storm Mindy Makes Landfall Before Midnight.

A fast developing Tropical Storm that developed just off the northern Gulf Coast of Florida this afternoon mad landfall just prior to Midnight local time bringing high winds and rough surf to the coast.

Footage from the area of Franklin County, FL where high winds raged and knocked down tree’s, tree limbs and of course power lines.

Video shows the high winds, rough surf and downed power lines prior to Midnight.
Shot Description

00:00 Flags blowing in the strong winds.

00:18 Clips of power lines down and on fire.

01:09 A boat and dock being hit hard in the middle of the night by the large waves and strong winds.

01:28 Sign blowing back and fourth in the wind.

01:46 Flags blowing in the wind.

01:56 Rain falling at an intersection.

02:04 Tall grass being flattened by the strong wind.

02:13 High winds and rain blowing around a house.

02:22 Wind blowing a sign around.

02:31 Waves and wind.

02:42 Wind blowing a Rent Me flag.

02:53 Wind and rain blowing along the shoreline.

03:07 A house on stilts being battered by the storm.

03:57 Wind, waves and rain along the shore.

04:10 Red Flag at the beach blowing in the wind.

SID: Michael Gordon

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