15 Year Anniversary Of The Nicollet, MN F3 Tornado

Raw News Archive Footage of the Nicollet, Minnesota F3 Tornado.

A dangerous F-3 Multi-Vortex tornado was one of several that touched down in Minnesota 15 years ago today, on August 24th 2006. This tornado tracked close to Nicollet and St. Peter. My chase partner at the time, Peggy Willenberg, and I drove South to get out of the path and let the tornado pass safely. We then continued to follow it East, from the West side. We lost visual of the tornado as the hail was wrapping around, and ended up driving through the damage path. Luckily we did not come across anyone seriously injured. This day we were reporting live from the field for a local news station to help warn the public of where the tornado was and where it was heading.

– Melanie Metz

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