Tornado takes out power lines right in front of the truck – Central Iowa – 7/14/2021

Multiple tornadoes were reported from Central Iowa into Central Wisconsin today as multiple rounds of severe weather work across the region. The following video is of at least two tornadoes near Manchester, IA and one southeast of Waverly, IA, along with a low wall cloud near Delaware, IA.
Shot Description

Shot 1-2: Video of the Waverly, Iowa tornado forming in the field to the left of the camera, crossing the road in front of the vehicle, taking down the power line, and then continuing on off to the right side of the vehicle.

Shot 3: Video of the Machester, Iowa tornado beginning to form off in the distance as it has multiple vorticies spinning around it.

Shot 4: Video of a very rain wrapped Manchester Tornado with very heavy rain falling and lightning.

Shot 5: Video of a low wall cloud north of Delaware, IA.

SID: Connor Healey

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